Have a XCL8010 with panel modules, that is controlling an AHU, humidifier, and 5 reheats. They are only start/stopping the AHU and sending a current signal to the humidifier with it. So the only real programming in it is for the reheats. They do monitor room pressures, temperature, and humidity with it. Customer what's to bring system into exisiting AX system. The original idea was to bring the XCL in with Lon. I already added a Lon card to the humidier and the AHU is getting a BACnet Ethernet card. But I was talking the engineer today and he wants the XCL gone. So I was talking to project manager and he tells me, we can pull the XCL, tie the panel modules in with Lon, and write our own programming. I would really just like to rip it all out and install some EasyIO controllers, that way I can pretty much copy another system in the building that is almost identical.

Any thoughts......I'm not familiar with the XL5000 line and can only rely on my other co-workers.