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    Heres a few Ive saved

    Ok I think I've got the posting of pics now so I'll put up a few 've been hanging on to. The ac drain has been plugged for a very long time.
    Name:  20121207_122641.jpg
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    fresh air intake for an erv
    Name:  20120427_141140.jpg
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    yes it was live
    Name:  20121208_114859.jpg
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    same rental house 2 year old diy install control board and ventor had to be replaced the cause was high voltage fluctuating from 30 to 130 volts likely a short circut or arc fault somewhere in the house, told the landlord no warrenty on repairs unless an electrician corrected the wiring in the house
    Name:  20121208_114910.jpg
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    found this ac at zero charge 1 year old, this was the first time i ever saw glue used on ac pipes at first i thought they just forgot to braze it.
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    someone else on here came across that same glue

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    nice ones.

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    Heres a few more.
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    Name:  20120516_122138.jpg
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    This furnace was in a closet, the pic is where the filter is supposed to go, there was no return, the only air this thing got was what leaked under the closet door. Hx was cracked, the tenent asked me "Is that why my co alarm was going off? I thought the battery was going dead so I took it out."
    Name:  20121031_175924.jpg
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    No you don't need no junction box, those cost extra
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    I don't even know what to say about this one.
    Name:  20121208_114918.jpg
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    Its just the basement, no need to seal the hole in the wall.
    Name:  20121208_120002.jpg
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    Nice plenum to main trunk line transition.
    Name:  20121213_085240.jpg
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    Think it might be time for a duct cleaning?
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    Name:  Duct2.jpg
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    Hope you guys enjoy and get a few laughs from these. This is my favorite forum I love looking at the pictures you guys put up of stuff gone wrong.

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    Thanks, I was going to watch a horror movie in bed to put me to sleep, but Im good now.
    Never argue with a crazy man.

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    Heh heh. Good old Carrier. Had one of those myself once. The question is, did it come from the factory like that or did it happen when some dope changed the inducer.

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