I have an IntelliPak RTU with cooling only, coupled with VariTrane VAVs (Comm3/Comm4), that are defined in Tracer Summit as a VAS. The system behaves properly in all respects but one.

When in Unoccupied mode (controlled by schedule), after a few hours with RTU and all VAVs in "unoccupied" mode:
1. The VAV units go into Night Heat/Cool mode to heat (all 8 of them, within a 1 hr. period, once it'sw cold enough)
2. The VAV units open their air valves & heating coils to heat
3. The VAS's AHU Fan Request = 'ON'
4. The RTU's Present Value = Night Heat/Cool
5. The RTU's Active Mode = Unoccupied Cooling (the RTU is cooling only)
6. RTU Fan will not run.

Not sure what I've missed, but any help would be grreatly appreciated.