November 11 2010 I installed a Payne High efficiency 2 stage furnace for a guy, Payment on completion was the deal. My lead tech called after the job was done, and said "the guy just gave me half of the money, says he,ll pay by the end of thye week"
I chased this guy for 50 days until the balance was paid , he wouldnt answere his door, his phone, e-mails, but finally paid.
Dec 7 2011 the customer called and said his furnace wasn,t working, I told him that the parts were under Warranty but his year labor Warranty was up, and he would be charged labor, he refused, so I told him to call another Company.
He has now taken me to court, saying that since he didn,t officially own the furnace until December 30 2010, the Warranty started when he made his final payment.

I need as many statements from other Contractors, stating when the Warranty begins, as far as I,m concerned it is the day of installation.

Please help