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    Quote Originally Posted by AStudent View Post
    Well you were talking about people who are full of BS.

    so you finally realize your argument is worthless, so your rely on word games.

    why have you NOT ANSWERED my question?

    stop screwing around and answer the question
    Of course I talk to myself

    sometimes I need expert advice

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    jp... Id need some practice..... I have not shot a firearm in quite a few years..... Last gun I fired was my ar-15 one weekend when I fabbed up a new lightning link for it a few years back...... took it into the crawlspace under the new addition and put three rounds thru

    Didnt aim or anything.....just into a dirt bank.... then ran like hell back into the house..... and peeked out the windows the rest of the day looking for the cops.

    I did ok when I used to go shooting. Never was much of a target shooter though I had two remington 700 bdls that were fairly accurate. One was dead stock and the other had been worked on......the action and the stock.

    I always liked 22s.....and I always liked old guns..... I liked the mechanics of them and just enjoyed shooting them...plinking with them....

    Used to like to take a tin can and just throw it out on a dirt road.......then take my ar and see how far I could knock it down the road.....

    eastman chemical had a factory owned range here a long time ago.... had a bench to shoot from and some stands to tack targets to down range...and thats probably the closest I ever got to a real range using targets.

    I would enjoy shooting again....but its such a hassle around here anymore.... nobody will let you use their pastures..... the state ranges are all over 30 miles from my house and the people that go to them are just barabarians..... and the local gun glubs are like the nazis and when you go to the local clubs there are so many people there waiting to shoot that you end up spending most of the day waiting your turn.

    And of course... Im not going to an indoor range and having to pay to shoot....

    Ive actually been thinking of buying some mountain land around here... and if I do I might set up a bench and maybe a shelter over it..... but thats just another dream of mine waiting to be squashed..... squashed like my first amendment rights....

    But yeah.... probably not as good with a gun as I could be... Hopefully if I ever do have to use one it will be close up so I can put the barrel right against their
    She's a meth cookin mama in love with a pill crunching man....

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    Now, considering that in most countries that we call civilized, the UK, France, Germany, Canada, Japan, Oz, etc, etc, guns are banned for most people. what is the difference that makes the murder rate so high in the US compared to other countries? Americans are not a different race from the rest of us, but appear to be more prone to violence so what is the difference? I can only think of 2 things... the first is so many guns which gives opportunity and the second is individualism. Even if you remove all the guns, the "every man for himself" idea is stronger in the US than almost any other civilized country. The individual persons fuse seems shorter.

    BTW, I like guns too but I don't need them for protection even in a city with 4 million

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    Fortunately for me, I had a range out my back door for years. I could shoot off my back porch.

    Got pretty good.

    Now, I've got to drive a whole 2 miles to the range since we moved.

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    That's one of my hunters.

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    That's another.

    The T/C is more accurate than my Rem 700 at 100 yards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian GC View Post
    Do you guys live a constant state of fear? Do you have gun turrets mounted on top of your houses?
    why would we live in fear, We own guns?

    Do you really think Congress and the Senate will OK a bill that requires say, the military, to go door to door collecting all semi-auto handguns as well as every semi-auto rifle all the way down to my 10/22? If so, youre living in fantasyland.
    YES!!!! The Senate is full of Liberals that believe the Constitution should be amended. Even Ruth Bader Ginsberg has said "The Constitution is an outdated document". However the House is full of Conservatives that will not allow that to happen and will site The Forth Amendment to prevents this. As the Communist Feinstein once said, "if I could have got the votes, I would have taken all the guns" <or something very close to that>

    Somebody is doing your thinking for you. I doubt you come up with this stuff on your own. Let's herar one of you stand up before the world and tell them "there is no such thing as an assault rifle." Sounds as ridiculous as the NRAs speech after the Newtown incident. You guys obviously do not know how to fight a fight like this.

    it's the other way around. You let the media and Feinstein do your thinking for you. NO ONE HERE is saying there is no such thing as an Military, fully automatic rifle. what we have repeatedly said is we own Modern sporting rifles that are similar in looks to Military style weapons, but shoot one shot at a time.

    and "this fight" is not about guns, it's about control and perception. The media is doing there very best to portray law abiding citizens as bad guys, as lunatics and scary people. They are beginning to loose that battle. Gun owners are your neighbors, your Doctors, and your friends.
    Of course I talk to myself

    sometimes I need expert advice

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    Yet....nobody cares about our first amendment rights...... does one "right" outweigh the other ???
    She's a meth cookin mama in love with a pill crunching man....

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    Quote Originally Posted by corny View Post
    Yet....nobody cares about our first amendment rights...... does one "right" outweigh the other ???

    Who says?

    ALL of our rights are being torn up and stomped upon.

    First, second, and fourth amendments are currently under a massive assault from the federales.

    This particular thread is about gun rights. Don't hijack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jmac00 View Post
    why would we live in fear, We own guns?
    But it is the fear that causes you to strap on a gun.

    Its the other way around. You let the media and Feinstein do your thinking for you. NO ONE HERE is saying there is no such thing as a Military, fully automatic rifle. What we have repeatedly said is we own Modern sporting rifles that are similar in looks to Military style weapons, but shoot one shot at a time.
    So our military carries two rifles in one. When it is in single shot it is a sporting rifle and when in full auto it magically turns into an assault rifle. Simply by switching between those two modes of operation. So you are saying in single shot it is no better than any other rifle at quickly shooting multiple people in close quarters? And soldiers across the line would agree with you on that? I doubt it. Actually, a soldier probably rarely uses full auto because of inaccuracy, uncontrollability, climbing, depletion of ammo and the defenselessness of needing to immediately reload. But hey, Im not a military guy so you can respond any way you want to that.

    And "this fight" is not about guns, its about control and perception.
    Name a law that is not about control and perception.

    The media is doing there very best to portray law abiding citizens as bad guys, as lunatics and scary people.
    Nope. Its about portraying some of the guns you own as bad, scary and unnecessary. To you not even a 50 cal or a Mac 10 is scary and unnecessary so your opinion on this is skewed.

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    Below is an excerpt from an interview with Theodore Haas, conducted by Aaron Zelman, founder of the organization called "Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership." Haas was living in America and was a member of this organization at the time that he gave this interview.

    Haas still has nightmares about the persecution he endured as a Jew in Nazi Germany. He survived the Holocaust only because he was released from Dachau in 1941, two years after World War II started, but before plans for the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" were made on January 20, 1942 at the Wannsee Conference. In February 1942, deportation of all the Jews to the death camps in Poland began.

    The interviewer, Aaron Zelman, asks the questions and Theodore Haas answers:

    Q.) How did you end up at Dachau? How old were you?

    A.) November 9th, 1938 was Kristallnacht -- The Night of
    Broken Glass -- The night Synagogues were ransacked and
    burned, Jewish owned shops destroyed; I guess you could call
    it the night the fires of hell engulfed the soul of humanity.
    I was arrested November 10th, "for my own personal
    security." I was 21 years old. My parents were arrested and
    ultimately died in a concentration camp in France. I was
    released from Dachau in 1941, under the condition that I
    leave Germany immediately. This was common procedure before
    the "Final Solution."

    Q.) What did you think when you were sent to Dachau? What
    did you know about Dachau beforehand?

    A.) My first thoughts were those of many others: "The world has
    gone mad." I knew that the life expectancy at Dachau was
    relatively short. I knew beforehand that inmates were
    abused. The horror of Dachau was known throughout Germany.
    People (Germans) used to frighten their children, "If you do
    not behave, you will surely end up at Dachau." A famous
    German comedian, Weiss Ferdl, said "Regardless how many
    machine gun towers they have around K.Z. Dachau, if I want
    to get in, I shall get in." The Nazis obliged him; he died
    at Dachau.

    Q.) How did you accept the fears of Dachau?

    A.) Due to the constant hunger and extreme cold weather, one
    becomes too numb to even think of fear. A prisoner under
    these conditions becomes obsessed with survival; nothing
    else matters.

    Q.) What were the living conditions like in Dachau?

    A.) We were issued one quarter of a loaf of bread. That was
    to last three days. In the morning, we picked up, at the
    kitchen, a cup of roasted barley drink. There was no lunch.
    At dinnertime, sometimes we got a watery soup with bits of
    tripe or some salt herring and a boiled potato. Our prison
    clothes were a heavy, coarse denim. They would freeze when
    they got wet. We were not issued hats, gloves or underwear.
    The first night, about 500 prisoners were stuffed into a
    room designed to hold 50 (Believe me, it is possible). Later
    on, we were forced to sleep on straw. As time went on, the
    straw disintegrated and we became louse infested. The guards
    delighted in making weak and ill clothed prisoners march or
    stand at attention in rain, snow, and ice for hours. As you
    can imagine, death came often due to the conditions.

    Q.) Do you have residual fears? How do you feel about German

    A.) I have nightmares constantly. I recently dreamed that a
    guard grabbed me. My wife's arm touched my face, and I
    unfortunately bit her severely. German re-unification, in my
    opinion, will be the basis for another war. The Germans,
    regardless of what their present leadership says, will want
    their lost territories back, East Prussia, Silesia, and
    Danzig (Gdansk). My family history goes back over 700 years
    in Germany. I understand all too well what the politicians
    do not want the people to be thinking about.

    Q.) You mentioned you were shot and stabbed several times.
    Were these experiments, punishment or torture?

    A.) They were punishment. I very often, in a fit of temper,
    acted while the brain was not in gear. The sorry results
    were two 9 mm bullets in my knees. Fortunately, one of the
    prisoners had a fingernail file and was able to dig the
    slugs out. In another situation, I was stabbed in the
    washroom of room #1, Block 16. Twice in a struggle where I
    nearly lost my right thumb. A German prisoner Hans Wissing,
    who after the war became mayor of his home town,
    Leinsweiler, witnessed the whole situation. We stayed in
    touch until a few months ago, when he died.

    Q.) Do you remember some of the steps taken by the Nazis to
    de-humanize people and to make them feel hopeless? How were
    people robbed of their dignity?

    A.) If you had treated an animal in Germany the way we
    were treated, you would have been jailed. For example, a
    guard or a group of them would single out a prisoner and
    beat him with canes or a club. Sometimes to further
    terrorize a prisoner, the guards would form a circle around
    a prisoner and beat him unconscious. There were cases of a
    prisoner being told to report to the Revier ("Hospital") and
    being forced to drink a quart of castor oil. Believe me,
    this is a lousy, painful, wretched way to die. You develop
    extreme diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, and severe dehydration.
    If the Nazis wanted you to live and suffer more, they would
    take measures to rehydrate the victim.

    Q.) What was the routine like at Dachau?

    A.) Three times a day, we were counted. We had to carry the
    dead to the square. Each time, we had to stand at attention
    in all kinds of weather. We stood wearing next to nothing,
    had weak bladders, while our tormentors had sheepskin coats
    and felt boots. The bastards really enjoyed watching us
    suffer. I remember how the guards had a good laugh when one
    of them "accidentally" let loose with a machine gun, killing
    about 30 prisoners.

    Q.) What did people do to try to adjust to Dachau? Keep
    their spirits up?

    A.) There were some actors, comedians, and musicians among
    us. Sometimes they would clandestinely perform. One of the
    musicians got hold of a violin and played for us. To this
    day, it remains a mystery how he got his hands on a violin.
    I still keep in touch with other prisoners. I am a member of
    the Dachau Prisoners Association. Each year I go back to
    Germany to visit.

    Q.) Did people ever successfully escape? Do you remember
    acts of bravery?

    A.) Nobody escaped, only in the movies does the "hero"
    escape. Guards received extra leave time for killing
    prisoners that got too close to the fence. I do, however,
    think all prisoners were heroes in their own way. Especially
    the German prisoners, for they would not acquiesce to the
    Nazis. They suffered greatly too.

    Q.) Did the camp inmates ever bring up the topic, "If only
    we were armed before, we would not be here now"?

    A.) Many, many times. Before Adolph Hitler came to power,
    there was a black market in firearms, but the German people
    had been so conditioned to be law abiding, that they would
    never consider buying an unregistered gun. The German people
    really believed that only hoodlums own such guns. What fools
    we were. It truly frightens me to see how the government,
    media, and some police groups in America are pushing for the
    same mindset. In my opinion, the people of America had
    better start asking and demanding answers to some hard
    questions about firearms ownership, especially if the
    government does not trust me to own firearms, why or how can
    the people be expected to trust the government? There is no
    doubt in my mind that millions of lives could have been
    saved if the people were not "brainwashed" about gun
    ownership and had been well armed. Hitler's thugs and goons
    were not very brave when confronted by a gun. Gun haters
    always want to forget the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, which is a
    perfect example of how a ragtag, half starved group of Jews
    took up 10 handguns and made asses out of the Nazis.

    End of Interview
    Beware of advice given by some guy on the Internet.

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    Over 2,500 posts and all the Left can come up with is monkey chatter.

    There is still no credible evidence gun control of any kind reduces gun violence.
    There is no credible evidence free ownership by law abiding citizens results in any increase in gun violence
    There is no credible evidence to show one particular class or type of firearm to the exclusion of all others is responsible for gun violence
    There is no credible evidence that this Administration has or intends to enforce any laws they don't like

    There is credible evidence that restricting access to guns for responsible legal owners does result in an increase in victims of crime and murders
    There is credible evidence that removing access to guns for responsible legal owners does reduce violent crime and burglaries

    There has been no genuine discussion by the Left recognizing the problem is the culture they created is responsible for people going nuts and feeling gun violence is how you handle disagreements, feelings of inferiority, rejection, wrongs, guilt or other negative feelings. We have created The New Deal, The Great Society and just as we predicted in the 60s, this is the result and everyone is surprised. We had a War on Poverty that resulted in an increase in Poverty. We have federal money spent on midnight basketball courts when most shootings take place. We have broken homes with no penalties for broken marriages but plenty for having huge families you cannot support or love on your own. We have courts that refuse to enforce the laws of the land and release dangerous criminals to prey again--our courts created a new term:"repeat offender" instead of "dead offender".

    We have a government that has done all it can it sweep away the sanctity of life then wonder why no one respects life

    We have lawless presidents who's job it is to enforce the laws of the land yet they refuse to enforce them, side step laws and the Constitution that they swore an oath to protect and defend, then we wonder why our kids don't respect authority.

    We have a government that has done all it can to abolish God and Christian values then wonders why the world is going insane.

    Yes, we need protection. We need protection from the bad people this government has spawned, fed, and groomed to be bad. We need a deterrent to crime so some of these monsters are less likely to mess with us. Most importantly, we need protection from a tyrannical government that seeks to strip away all our rights and leave us defenseless against our enemies including especially them. Which is more of a threat to you: the thug pondering doing you harm or the politician handcuffing you and serving you up on a platter for the kill? Next time you watch one of those nature shows where the sharks go into a feeding frenzy slashing into schools of fish just substitute yourself for one of those fish. You have no defense and no deterrent to prevent attack. It then becomes a matter of chance. What two fish do sharks fear? Dolphins because they fight back by head butting and can kill a shark but sharks fear killer whales because orcas have superior firepower. So it goes in the jungle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jpsmith1cm View Post
    Who says?

    ALL of our rights are being torn up and stomped upon.

    First, second, and fourth amendments are currently under a massive assault from the federales.

    This particular thread is about gun rights. Don't hijack.
    Point of order there JP you left out State's rights IE. the 10th Amendment. We wouldn't have all the problems we have today if we still had "State's Rights". Thank you very much
    "I could have ended the war in a month. I could have made North Vietnam look like a mud puddle."
    "I have little interest in streamlining government or in making it more efficient, for I mean to reduce its size. I do not undertake to promote welfare, for I propose to extend freedom. My aim is not to pass laws, but to repeal them. It is not to inaugurate new programs, but to cancel old ones that do violence to the Constitution."
    Barry Goldwater

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    I own a 357 mag for only one purpose and that is to kill the maggot that breaks in on me while I'm home. If I could leave and avoid it I would and file the insurance claim and police report. If I could not, the maggot would be a few ounces heavier from bullets.

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