Maybe I'm a masochist.

I've been enjoying this discussion in a perverse sort of way.

You guys are right in that Brian has not admitted any lack of knowledge, despite the proof having been posted, yet he steadfastly clings to his agenda.

Joe Biden has stated that we don't have the time and manpower to enforce the current laws that we have, yet we need to pass more laws.

Democratic governors are saying that "legal gun owners" aren't the problem, but we're going to take their freedom from them because we can't take freedom from criminals.

Many sheriffs across this country are now telling the federal government that they WILL NOT enforce any new laws, but law enforcement supports gun control.

Assault rifles are responsible for fewer deaths in this country annually than hammers and other blunt weapons were, but we've got to ban these dangerous guns.

yeah, the NRA and gun owners are the crazy ones...