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Why is it you and the anti-gun crowd are trying to put the blame and burden on me and my fellow legal gun enthusiasts? Ok, if I were POTUS and really wanted to reduce gun violence I'd dismantle the socialist agenda, teach respect and personal responsibility, enforce laws and can liberal judges for a start. I'd show people there are other ways of conflict resolution. I'd preach the Gospel so there would be less hate and violence. I would revise HIPPA laws so background checks had better access. I'd encourage expanded education for gun use, State gun laws, and training for confrontations. I'd facilitate concealed carry permitting in schools and places of public assembly. I'd encourage the posting of districts of concentrated gun ownership with warnings about the potential for deadly force defense in those homes.

Since I have worked on eradicating the vermin that put us in this mess, I don't think anyone can claim my head is in the sand on this issue.

Plenty of evidence has already been given on this site by many to support my assertions.
Thank you!

I am pro gun!

I agree you can not go past the 10 commandments, much after that is open to interpretation.

Why are you not running for Potus, if the present guy can get in, there is no reason why you can not. you would have plenty of followers of the site.

How are going to change the social agenda, which looking at a republican election manifesto (1950s) was clearly a social responsible document.

Or do want to go further into the past, slavery, genocide of the indigenous people, no workers rights and of course the wild west (must have been called that for a reason or have I been watching to much TV)

You have made some good points, why not use these in a positive manor, instead of in anger. Why encourage gun education, should it not be mandate gun education,

There is no evidence given that shows a conclusive argument, sorry!