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do we really need to go over this again? Your selective ignorance is astounding. ONE MORE TIME:

A GUN FREE ZONE is a LEGAL TERM, it is NOT a buzz word.

New York City and The city of Chicago are GUN FREE ZONES.

meaning <try to pay attention here>

you may NOT carry/possess/hold/harbor/grasp/retain ANY FIREARM within the city limits. PERIOD. If your caught with a firearm ANY FIREARM---long gun or hand gun, there is three year jail term. PERIOD

Yet NYC had 515 gun murders in 2011 and Chicago had 431 gun murders last year. Now explain to the class how these GUN FREE ZONES had so many murders when guns ARE NOT ALLOWED

these numbers are from the FBI Uniform Crime Report, I guess your going to say the FBI's numbers are way off to.....sheesh
Pick me! (Hand up in the air) Pick Me!

I would say that the people who murdered others with a handgun in those cities were braking the law before they even murdered someone. I would say that others that also have guns there are of a similar ilk and may some day do the same. I think that three years in jail should be a minimum.