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First of all...guns are not going to prevent us from turning into another Brazil.... its going to happen some day.... unless we become a police state like China... as populations increase....and poverty increases......which both are in the USA and there is absolutely nothing that can be done about it.... then crime and drug use will increase also.... Criminal with a gun who is desperate for cash sure isnt going to be detered by some city slicker yuppie with a handgun he has shot maybe 20 times....

Yep...its gonna get bad.... and you selfish individuals who care about your guns more than you do your fellow man are going to be the cause of it.....

thank you....lol

Hopefully our government can come to some sort of compromise so that guys like you are not out there on the streets with your buck fever wasting innocent people while you are living out some sort of cop fantasy.

As for morally bankrupt..... Im not the selfish individual who cares more about my gun collection than the safety and well being of my fellow man.

Dont want to have to defend yourself..... quit trolling the hood for ****. And put the same amount of effort into getting your congressman to do something about crime as you are putting into saving your 30 round mags... ( probably got to have that 30 to get one on target....lol)

We know you yankees cant hit the broad side of a barn..... Dang trained cops hit 9 civilians firing at one criminal..... Is there something in the water up there that clouds your vision ??? Or is buck fever a generic defect in the northeast ???
To be honest I didn't bother reading any of this BS, you ARE morally bankrupt and your self righteous, greater than thou attitude is what is going to cause the downfall of this country. you try and Project your impotence on the rest of us. It won't work.