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Yes, something I can speak to with some personal experience. As I have stated I am a police academy grad and former reserve officer, come from a family or past as well as current officers and I use the police firing range so get to talk shop with the cops regularly. My son is a private dectective and and works with the local professional cops all the time. BTW he is currently far from home on an assignment in Tennessee and has been talking with the cops there.

To answer your question, the Police Chiefs Associations are often very anti-gun and anti-ccw. This is especially true in the big cities. Now police chiefs are hired not elected and are in very political positions. They don't get those jobs by being NRA members I can tell you that! Now the street cops in big cities also know who signs their checks and so generally fall in line politically. I was a reserve in a large metro area. Big city police officers also have no actual experience with CCW carriers so they have no personal interactions from which to make a decision on. Most cops in LA or San Francisco (been with them on ride alongs) will be kind of anti CCW for the two reasons states; Political reasons and no experience with CCW citizens.

Now if you go to cities outside of the anti-gun cities of California and the eastern anti-gun cities the situtation changes. The cops in other cities will tell you personally they have no concern with CCW holders. Because of politics they will not usually tell you what they think openly but personally they will mostly not have a problem with CCW. Many of those cops arm their spouse and get them CCW permits.

As soon as you talk to county sheriffs and their deputies outside of the major cities the picture is more positive for CCW yet. My own sheriff for example (as well as the others in my state) is very pro CCW. I just got my own renewed a few weeks ago and he and I had this very conversation. Some of what I am posting here is what we discussed. He by the way has joined the dozens of other sheriffs across the nation who just in the last few weeks have signed a letter stating that they will refuse to enforce any federal laws or regulations they consider unconstitutional. My sheriff said he will NOT disarm any of his CCW holders who are following state and local law. He added, he will move to prevent any agent of the federal government from doing so in his county against one of his CCW holders.
It is a good post. I will consider it.

My only concern is why police in the city have a different opinion of CCW than rural cops. Maybe because they view the people in say LA as I do, being for too unstable to carry.