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You may not care, but for data I can find between 40-50% of Americans (all your neighbors) have concerns about the present gun situation, being it real or not, them being big girl or not!. Are their rights as equal to yours, if the present gun situation is having a direct impact on their pursuit of happiness.
You said pot smoking, is that not illegal, so law has covered, any impact that this may have on your pursuit of happiness.
So quite a simple question, which has the stronger legal and moral value, the original founding document or the second amendment?
What part of "Shall not be infringed" is not clear. In the USA... some things are a matter of LAW... Whether it feels good or not.

I am sure you have some of those things in your country... If I were living there I would accept them. What I wonder is why you do not accept them in our society... even though you do not even live here.

Seems to me yet another person is trying to dis-arm America...

I have a question: Why is it SOOOOO important to disarm America? Give me a reason. Note: Safety is NOT a reason... the stats are clear safety comes from armed citizens... not disarmed citizens. So try something else.