I'm curious as to what everyones rational is for owning a gun. What are the psychological motivations for feeling the need to have a firearm? Have any gun owners tried to understand why they feel they need a gun?
I've be wrestling with this issue ever since the recent shooting incident trying figure out where I stand on the issue of gun control. I'm a gun owner, I've hunted in the past, and I enjoy shooting. Probably because I'm good at it (a liberal that can shoot). So the thought of giving up my weapons has me concerned. But what is it that really concerns me?
What I think really concerns me is that giving up my gun is equivalent to giving up power. Guns give you power. Or at least equality. A armed person willing to go the distance is a person to contend with. And I fear giving up power because by definition I would become powerless.
The only way you can give up your weapon and not become powerless is if everyone else gave up their weapons too. Including law enforcement. Because mutually assured destruction keeps us civil. Otherwise the ones with all the power WILL abuse their power.
I saw a post on facebook today of a woman with a poster stating "if a kid hits another kid with a rock, giving all the kids a rock is not the solution", something like that. I can sort of agree with that. But my experience has been that bullies only pick on those that don't fight back.
It's a difficult issue. I wish there were no need for guns, armies or cops and we could all just get along. But I'm afraid we're a long way from that. But perhaps phasing in gun controls can lead us to a society that no longer feels that it needs guns. Perhaps.
What's the solution? I don't know.