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    So you think America is free and safe... guess again...

    Yeah, we are relatively free and safe from FOREIGN enemies...

    BUT are we safe from domestic enemies????

    Read on:

    BTW: This is old news... States do this as well as feds.

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    Absolutely not! We aren't safe from domestic enemies. If there was some sort of collapse (which I'm sure will happen at some point), there will be widespread panic. Money, as we know it will be worthless. It's best to invest in silver and gold but it's also good to invest in items that can be bartered...such as liquor and seeds.

    Great article.

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    But you support a bigger more powerful government? Makes no sense.

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    The government is corrupt and not to be trusted, but the link is an add for an investment firm. It looks like a sales pitch for gold or other metals, but wait it is a sales pitch for gold. Just wondering ga if you get a commission for everybody that buys gold using that link?

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    Your supposed to buy gold when its down in preparation for times like now that we are in. Gold is a zillion bucks an ounce right now... investing in ammo and non Monsanto (franken) seeds is a wiser idea cant eat gold.
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