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    Life in the 21st Century

    Ah life, how wonderful it has become. We bury our faces in technology, oblivious to the world around us, what are we hiding from? More importantly, what are we missing?

    In the new digital age, we have millions of people, living fantasy lives, immersed in technology, smart phones, laptops, gamers and social networking. We have given rise to families who don't know each other. Millions of children in western countries, are being raised by nannies, game consoles and horribly, public schools. We march along, counting our pennies and patting ourselves on the backs, pretending that our new BMW 325i is really a Bentley Turbo R, measuring our success by the mortgage loan we were approved for.

    We turn a blind eye, to the real world, as if ignoring it, will magically create solutions and mending will occur with our "hands off" approach. We talk about the falling stock price of starbucks, mention party politics with disgust and move sluggishly through life. Sitting in traffic jams which continue to grow every year. We have traded "life" for material things.

    If we refuse to look at the problems we have as a society, will are doomed to failure, it is not a question of if, but when. Our leaders in the US, and countries of Europe, are flat out LYING TO OUR FACES. Most people know this, and either they don't care, or they are too busy to do anything about. Our countries are suffering from absolutely crushing national debt. Our currencies are baseless plastic impregnated paper incarnations, which give the notes an indestructible feeling, probably to create the false confidence needed continue the march into the abyss.

    We have traded our sensibilities , for a comfort that does not exist, beyond the bones of our craniums. We have been beat down, but our pride puts up the best defense, denial. We pretend to be our own masters, at the controls of our great expedition that is life. We really need to open our eyes, and confront our problems before it is too late.

    The first problem, is our debt. For the US, we doubled our national debt, to a whopping 18 trillion dollars. Just saying it, sounds catchy, trillion! Some of us are in awe, and see this number as a badge of success, "look how much wealth we have accrued, sweet!" 18,000,000,000,000.00

    Please look at that number again, imagine the stack of 20's you would need, to cover that bet. Our leaders in both major parties, use catchy phrases like "deficit reduction", which really means slowing the debt, as it continues to rise! We don't even bat an eye, as the debt odometer ticks over. The EU is no better that the US. The euro is not expected to last as nations edge closer to default. (Britain was very smart, in staying out of the euro, but they have their own problems)

    We are at war, not by choice, and no matter what douchebags like obama say, it is FAR FROM OVER. An enemy that is still taking the fight to you, determines when the war is over. Grandstanding on failure, and calling it success, only adds to the denial plague that is destroying us.

    Islamic radicals, is far more dangerous than the nazi's ever were. Some people will tune out, after that sentence. But lets look at the situation honestly. Germany, during the war had a total population of 80 million people. That is everyone, as of 1939. Most were not members of the nazi party, and even fewer were members of the nazi SS. With such a small number of people, they inflicted casualties by the tens of millions.

    Now compare that with islam. They have between 1.2 billion, and 1.6 billion followers. And unlike Germany, where only a portion were members of the nazi party, ALL MUSLIMS ARE MEMBERS OF ISLAM. They pose are far greater threat, than hitler's nazi's. No matter what muslims say, when push comes to shove, who do you think the "moderates" will side with? The estimates of radicals, range from 10% to 30%. Lets take the best case scenario, and go with the low numbers. 10% of 1.2 billion muslims, 120 million radicals. They are the overtly disgusting muslims, who do not hide their hatred for non-believers and jews. They are the ones who openly demand sharia law, and the killing of blasphemous cartoonist/writers. Now add to that number, the ones who hide their full beliefs, which would bump that number up to approximately 700 million muslims, who believe in sharia law.

    So what does that mean? You have to look at sharia, to understand. Unlike other religions that rely on interpretation, islam spells their laws out with zero wriggle room. Under sharia, non-believers are given two options. First, you can submit to islamic law, bow down to islam and pay a tax. As long as you remain submissive, you can live. The second option, is resistance, which is punished by death. They are very clear about this.

    Then there are the lifestyle rules, no alcohol, dress codes for women, demanding they remain covered in public. Female genital mutilation. This is done to control the sex drive of women, and to remove the pleasure from sexual intercourse. In genital mutilation, the clitoris is cut off, in a brutal non-surgical manner, without anesthesia. All part of the subjugation of women as a whole. Under sharia, marriages are arranged, and girls are married off to elder men, from very early, preteen ages. Rape is condoned, because by sharia law, a rape victim must have at least 3 male witnesses, for rape to be established. And lets face facts, in islam, men don't witness rapes, they participate in them. Case in point, the reporter sexually assaulted in Egypt during the "arab spring". She was saved, based solely on the international press in attendance. If this had been a regular friday islamic parade, she would have been raped and murdered.

    Under sharia, the left hand is seen as offensive, based on islamic hygiene (or lack of) where wiping your ass, is done with the left hand, and is therefore "unclean" and insulting. Most muslim countries in the middle east, have no sanitation as part of their infrastructure, they literally wipe the **** off their asses, with bare hands, digging their fingers into their own ****.

    Under sharia, blasphemy and/or apostasy is punished by death. Not punishable, PUNISHED BY DEATH. Free speech is non-existent. The only speech acceptable, is islamic promotion. No other religions are tolerated, and even though there are millions of muslims named mohammad, don't dare name a pet, or allah forbid, a teddy bear mohammad. MuSLIMS will flood the streets, beating their own heads, screaming for blood. (see teacher in Egypt who allowed her students to pick a name for the classroom teddy bear)

    Under sharia, females are forbidden from education. All part of the misogynistic ideology that is islam. Females are not allowed in public, without a male escort that is either a blood relative or husband. Morality police, with sticks and whips, monitor the public and carry out reprisals against those who fail to conform.

    Islam literally means submission. The korn-ran-up-your-ass, is the defacto constitution, and the leaders are unelected imams and ayatoilets. All muSLIMS are bound by religious duty to participate in jihad. Jihad means "great struggle", not holy war. But the purpose of jihad, is to conquer the world with the flag of islam flying over all the world, period.

    This is the difficulty of confronting supposed "radical islam". It is impossible to delineate radicals from "moderate" muSLIMS. One judge in Florida, said something about Ted Bundy, after he was convicted of murder of Kimberly Leech, that was prophetic. In sentencing Ted Bundy to the electric chair, he recognized the dichotomy of the soul. Ted Bundy was a sick twisted sadistic serial killer on one side. On the other side, Ted Bundy was a smart, thoughtful, intelligent man. He even spent time as a volunteer, helping strangers on a suicide hotline in Washington state. The judge said, and I am paraphrasing, that unfortunately there is no way to separate the good from the evil inside Ted Bundy, and both had to be extinguished by the death penalty. This is exactly what needs to be accepted, with regard to islam. The only way the "radicals" can be defeated is from within. The moderate muSLIMS, if they exist, have to root out and destroy the radicals. And unless and until they start doing this, in mass, the entire geopolitical entity of islam must be targeted. If we don't push back soon, it will be too late. And for the moderates, if they don't clean their own houses, it will be too late for them as well.

    So we live on the edge, with financial meltdown, just around the corner. We have major countries which have already seen their financial system collapse, and debt default occur. Iceland is a mess. Those close behind include Greece, Italy, Spain, England, Portugal, France and the United States. Germany is holding the EU together, but the ropes are starting to unwind. Russia has seen interest rates jump to 17%. It had little to do with sanctions, weak ass sanctions placed on them by the US and the UN. It has everything to do with falling oil prices. The US is owned, and scolded by china. Lets not lie here, china hates the US, and probably our biggest enemy. China has a huge slave labor force, and manipulates their currency to be the cheapest manufacturer of good on the globe. Think about this, it is CHEAPER to send chicken from the US, to china to be processed, then shipped back to the US and into your supermarket. That says so much about the shady practices of china. Also, china has zero respect for intellectual property rights. Every western country that sends manufacturing specs to china, must know that the government of china, steals those specs and creates pirated goods, probably on the same production line as the original, and sells the products out the back door. There are malls in china and hong kong, protected by military/police, because EVERYTHING sold inside, are pirate goods. Why we give them our technology, and allow them to carry our debt, is beyond dishonorable, and edges on treason.

    Couple in the fact that our critical infrastructure is vulnerable, and can be taken out with small arms fire, in a coordinated attack or a dirty bomb. We have done almost nothing to shore up security at these sites that hold the fate of our country, in their hands. A defense department test was done more than a decade ago, to establish how vulnerable the US is, to a biological attack. They used flower (not floral arrangements) with chemical markers, and went to a mountain top in Colorado, releasing the flower into the air by hand. Within a month, this flower was detected across the eastern half of the country. What if that had been weaponized anthrax or smallpox? We are woefully unprepared.

    Next, we have generations being born, with no concept of freedom or privacy. Parents are scared ****less by and endless stream of warnings that their children will be abducted and murdered by pedophiles, if you let them PLAY OUTSIDE! What the ****? When I was a child, we had no "daycare", we were given the responsibility and trust, to not be a ****-up. We, as children, took care of each other, with zero parental supervision. This made us strong, independent, confident with leadership abilities. Now our children are swarmed over and pampered, with technology as their guide to the world. Do you really want to hand over your children's view of life, to the internet?

    So we moving like sloths, heads down, ostracized from reality, and a fictional belief that our governments give a **** about us. Those who are working hard, have their paychecks raided by liberals, who care only about power and control. They don't care about the fact they're making false promises of benefits, they know are already gone. The morons who follow this ****, have the "as long as I get whats mine" attitude, are destroying most countries with welfare systems. When the money dries up, we all lose. Those same leaders, hold golden chutes, and have assured power seats, after the fall. If you think you will get a seat at the table, because you championed social causes, think again, you are just as ****ed as the rest of us.

    So keep it up people, follow leaders who don't give a **** about you. Cower in the face of islamic hatred for anything "happy" in the world. Sit back, as our childrens future is desolved right before your eyes. Do it in the guise of "social reforms", as anal sex is promoted to our children, gender identity is blurred, losing is winning, we all deserve a ribbon. Trading the harsh reality of life, for instant gratification and oblivious optimism in the face of peril.

    I won't bother going into the narcissistic "global warming" schemes, another form of robbery and control, that is a separate topic entirely. We think so highly of ourselves, bowing to the empty, cold vastness of space, as if there is something or someone out their in awe of our perceived accomplishments.

    If we don't change course now, I believe that having children into this world, is an act of cruelty. Too many pussies calling the shots, and too few willing to stand up to this global anarchy, marching the world to something that will make the Black Plague, seem like a hangnail!
    To put the world in order, we must first put the nation in order; to put the nation in order, we must put the family in order; to put the family in order, we must cultivate our personal life; and to cultivate our personal life, we must first set our hearts right.
    -- Confucius

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    Well, I think the basic message of "Life in the 21st Centry" is that we Americans are in denial. And, I 100% agree with the author of the article--whoever he is. I could go into all the details about what is wrong, but I don't feel like it. The only thing I wonder is what will be the end result? When will we reach bottom? How many years or decades will it take? Will all of America eventually look like Detroit, but without any government $$$ to bail us out? I believe in the Biblcal law of sowing and reaping. I don't think the United States of America can circumvent that God ordained law. We in America have lost a lot of our freedoms. I believe that next we will lose a lot of our finances. I'm talking about on a personal level. Wages for middle class workers have gone down 10% in the past 5 years. The HVAC industry may be an exception.

    But the author of the article is right in that things are getting worse and not better. It's like the basement of the house is on fire and little puffs of smoke are starting to show on the first floor. The fire needs to be put out immediately or the whole house is going to go up in smoke.

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