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Dude, if your having to run 53% excess air to get a 0 - Trace smoke, then you have something else going on. Those numbers look horrible for just about any Beckett oil burner. What was your stack temp and CO at light off and shut off? I would bet that you have flame impingement going on. Are you a pro? What specific equipment is this? What nozzle size are we talking about?
First things first, I'm not a pro. But keep in mind the "pros" around here want to come and charge hundreds of dollars to put in a new filter and photocell and maybe ignitor tips. Most "pros" don't even want to brush and clean the boiler. We have a guy that's one of the better ones, who does brush and vacuum the boiler, and he didn't bring any of his test equipment even though he was called because the boiler was smoking. He just adjusted it by eye and promised me I could borrow his Bacharach kit, a promise he never kept. His girl that answers the phone said "he can't loan the Bacharach kit, he needs it to adjust burners when he goes out on calls!". Somehow that he didn't adjust mine was lost on her. So I bought my own gear.

No, there's no impingement.

I have no idea what the nozzle size is since I didn't replace it.

It's an old Burnham boiler and new-ish Beckett burner.

It doesn't run long even in cold weather. I think it's doing pretty good.

If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for posting!