Got a call today from an elderly lady. She said that someone recommended me. I get there the fan is running but no cold air. I go to the roof. I check and see that I am missing one leg of my 240 volts. I look at the disconnect and see a fuse on top of it. I figure someone was probably here recently and changed the fuse and now it blew again. But much to my surprise when I pulled out the disconnect only one fuse was in it. I checked the fuse that was on top of the disconnect and sure enough it was good. I put it back in and everything worked. It is an old unit and the head pressure was a bit high but it was working reasonably well.

I got off the roof and asked if anyone else had recently worked on her unit. She assured me that no one had. It almost looked like a set up but it was too obvious. Also this elderly lady seemed like she may of been a little senile or at least forgetful. I told her exactly what I saw and did, got my service call fee and left scratching my head.