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    with the demand of tradesmen esp with the job we're doing, how do you compare REFRIGERATION TECH, A/C TECH and COMM'L FOOD SERVICEMEN in terms of wages, stress level and future (job security)???
    i mean if there's anybody who've done working with all these type of units/equipment, which one do you prefer and why???

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    Been there done that- I prefer Market least at the moment. I have worked at co. where you did all 3 incl. icemakers, luckily I got there after they stopped servicing the checkstands. To me the only real challenge for servicing anything was being able to locate the part for a reasonable price and in a timely manner.

    Food Service Equip. Manuf. seem to really be helpful when it comes to working on their stuff- at least better than some reefer case makers who want you to field engineer it for them.

    Its hard to stand out as a mechanic on CFS equipt- but not so much in Hvac or Refrig..
    That being said I don't think the money is in the CFS repair as it could be in the others- I tended to think of my work with CFS equipt as more parts changing- it worked or it didn't.
    (just like a reefer guy I cry about field engineering cases but I love it!)
    One vote for Reefer dudes!
    (and not just coz you won't see J-man wages as a CFS!)

    Look, just do your job, stay outta my way and we'll get along fine.

    Teach your kids to respect themselves and others with your actions- these little baboons will imitate you like it or not.

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    I've done all 3.I actually prefer food service equipment.Don't have to go crawling thru attics breathing insulation and getting nails in your back.Don't have to lug all recovery equipment and whatnot up roofs.Don't get ocassional freon buzz.No coming home with itche arms and neck.Don't have to stand around in walk-in freezers.Less callbacks,etc.However you must have a strong stomach when it comes to grease and grime.Like in refig.,access is usually limited and lots of times you work around hot equipment and crowded space.I've found pay to be about same.It takes time to really learn all the different equipment;mixers,dishwashers,steamers,fryers,etc.I also do stainless welding,light plumbing.There are certainly tricks to learn on certain equip.But you can go anywhere in the country and do this.

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    the shop i'm at does all 3 plus about everything else. we do electrical, plumbing, and of course all the honeydo for our good customers. i like having the different things to do. one day i could do all ref. the next all fryers, the next dishwasher, you get the idea. we are licensed as a ref shop so i have my journey in ref. you just have to find what you like and go with it. it may take a few changes but you will find what you like

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    When I was in the service field, the last company I worked for (the best I have ever seen!) worked on everything. I am talking starting the day @ Mrs. Jones house with a no heat call, then to McD's for a frier, then off to the store to a rack refrig system. It offered a great deal of varity and if I thought my body would hold out to be able to enjoy my family, I would still be in the hunt.
    All that being said, I prefered commercial/industrial AC or refrigeration calls the most. I dealt with 98% of my work in this area, and would go on residential only by customer request (I have a few that still call me today). The mix my company offered was great because just about the time I was burnt out on working on an ice machine or walk-in, the next job had 1 hour of windshield time that allowed some unwinding, and preparation for the call/and if just before getting off for the day, time to wind down before going home to "kick the dog".
    I live in a fairly small town and the wages at my past company were outstanding for our area. I was the highest paid tech the owner had at the time, and would have had to move to a large Metro area to make more$$.
    My advise to you, get prayed up, find what you are good at, what you enjoy, dig in for the long haul. God Bless!!

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    I have worked all three. The last 2 contractors that I worked for did electrical, hvac, refrigeration, and food service. I did all of these. I liked the variety.

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    I think variety is the best you never get bored and the more knowledge the more valuable you are or thats at least what they say
    Knowledge comes with experience

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    I don't limit myself, if I can make a buck great!

    I do all 3 with some light plumbing thrown in there but the worst part by far on the CFS equip is the grease! You better carry an extra shirt in the van at all times cause your gonna need it!

    "I don't care what you could get it off the net for, they wont warranty it and neither will I"!

    And if you don't like my "flat rate up front pricing" try and negotiate the price on that big mac you just bought pricing is exactly the same method!

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    The company i work for does all three. HVAC, Ref., and commercial food service. i don't have a personal favorite myself. i guess it depends on what kind of a day you want to have when you come to work.

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    I have done all three, and computer room hvac. Just my take on all
    A/C com/res
    Cons very seasonal especially out here.
    Pros not to many calls on weekend and nights

    Refer tech
    Cons 24/7/365=no family time.
    Pros The most challenging job and lotsa $$$$$$$$$

    Cons Lots of dirty unmaintained equipment because they never call till it breaks
    Pros Always a different thing almost every day

    Computer room A/C
    Cons 24/7/365 and it has to be fixed now!!!!!!!!!
    Pros Nice clean 68f room with well maintained equipment, and $$$$$$$$$$$$

    But the best is what I do now alittle of all and Central Power Plant (high pressure boilers, chillers, softners, ups power distribution, etc.) Great hours/money/State job/and awesome retirement at 55 years old.

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    I do it all and like the variety. Never get bored with the same places and equipment day after day. Most of the time i don't have a clue where I will start the day or finish, but am busy all day every day

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    i do it all but the hot side of restaurant stuff doesnt interest me much & that is good because my company doesnt do it anyway ..... i prefer having a day that may have me working on a 20 ton rtu one minute & the next call an ice machine & then maybe a glycol pump after that .. adds variety to my day , not to mention i am all over NJ which makes time fly & i dont do much overtime in the off season which is GREAT!

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