My boiler was flooded in Sandy and I have to replace it.
I am thinking of converting to gas, however, I have no room for a hot water heater.
Right now I have an oil burner with a coil that produces instant hot water. Never run out of hot water. It is fantastic, always had gas w hot water tanks before this and always lived in homes where we'd run out of hot water.

I know with gas they make tankless hot water heaters...but I have been told by several local contractors that the customers that went that route are unhappy.
The hot water is inconsistent, they say.

One contractor suggested a gas boiler with a coil and said it would work the same way.
Can you provide comments/suggestions/recommendations? Will I be as happy with this as I am with the oil system?
I'm not sure what kinds of questions I need to answer in order for you to respond so please feel free to ask away.

Going to have to change my name from Hot Chick to Cool Chick until this gets resolved!

Thanks in advance for any input/guidance.