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    By the time I was finished repairing this steamer, I had replaced a bad solenoid coil, 3 bad motors that I was asked to install, bad pressure switch, timer, buzzer and still the factory ended up replacing it with another one which this one I hear does'nt work right. Gotta have some thick hide when you take on one of these boys. As I went through H_ _ defending myself, all parts were returned and all were bad.

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    Sorry to hear that, I've had good luck with these units. sounds like you have kept in contact with the factory, the reps there seem to be very knowledgeable about there product, and willing to share the info needed to do the job.
    Usually I find the steamers will need 1-2 service calls a yr. Which isn't bad considering what they go thur.
    So you didn't ask, what you though was a stupid question. Now how, are you going to tell the boss about your stupid screw up?

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