I just had a meeting today with the Contractors installing this AAON RTU with a Water Source Heatpump & asked them about irregularities about the integration Points & Names of Points through BACnet integration with the JCI NAE 55.

Here is the Problem that I have;
All of the Points that I can import to the NAE BACnet Field Bus, are those used for a Constant Volume Unit with a Modulating Heat Output & a Modulating Cooling Output. Now since I am Trend/History Happy as a Representative for my School Systems Construction Department, I want Change of Value Trends on every point (physical & psuedo), so that I can troubleshoot the Systems myself before accepting them.

With the Units setup for the above mentioned Water source HP, the ModCool output is opening or rising frorm 0% to 100% and the Discharge Air is rising with it, which indicates to me that it's in Heat mode, but there is no point given that was imported that is called a Reversing Valve Position point. Also, there is a HeatMod output point that is really not used.

I was told by the AAON Rep that the P-Link handheld will show the correct points and that JCI can use that to rename all the NAE imported Raw data points to their correct names & then he should remove any unused points.

My Concern is that when I go to the NAE Field Bus Engineering tab for a backdoor view, I will still see the wrong names for points and missing Points mentioned below. Is this the final word on these AAON Units, that it is what it is and that we have to accept the wrong names for Points? Is there a way to make the seller of the Units to have the correct naming conventions for his points over BACnet.

I have Building Pressure Control that is missing, but AAON Rep says these can be added.

One more thing is that we are still owed a CO2 Sensor in the Space to control the amount of Outside Air entring the Gym & Multi-purpose rooms & I cannot find a Point for this.

Ultimately, Have I been told the truth or did the Contractor order the wrong board for BACnet communication? I have the documentation for the BACnet Standard Points that I am used to in a binder with object #'s in the Hundreds. The object numbers I'm importing are in the thousands & can't be found in my PT-Link-BACnet Tech Guide with Appendix A thru F covering several different types of AAON Units, but not the one's I'm talking about.

Thanks ahead for any info that anyone has on these AAON's of which I am not too fond of.