I recently bought a used Taylor H 27 single head soft serve machine. I thought I followed all of the start up conditions but let me explained what I did , maybe someone can steer me in the right direction.
I bought ice cream mix in half gallon containers. At power up, I switched the toggle to the on position. I got low hopper and mix out indicators. I added a half gallon container to the upper hopper and the mix out indicator went off. I pressed the auto button and the compressor and beater motor came on but did not run but about 10 seconds. I made sure the barrel was full of mix but the machine would cycle on it`s on every minute or so. When I would pull down on the dispencer handle the compressor and beater motor would come on so I pulled it down enough for the unit to run but not enough to dispence product. It made ice cream and would cycle on and off. When off it read stand-by on the LCD panel. As soon as I push the dispencing handle fully up the unit will not run. Any ideas?? Any help would be appreciated.