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    I was qouted a price of $(XXX) for a 3 sone system and 20 dampers plus 50' of 6"duct for a new basement. Does this seem reasonable? There are no other Arzel carriers in the area and I really like the system, I just don't want to be taken. And why did my previous post disappear? Did I break some rule?

    >>>Trouble with reading comprehension or following rules -- not sure. No pricing, No more than one User account and No double posting.<<<

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    maybe the one that says NO PRICING.

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    I understand but there are other post on this site that included pricing. How on earth do we keep contractors fair? Certainly, I have run into my fair share of less than par persons in the building industry. Just looking for an ok or a ouch? The internet helps us all in that sense.

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