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    sheet metal break

    Been thinking of adding a small break on the van any recommendations on one

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    Tennsmith 4' finger break...had one on my trailer and I used to make replacement primary pans for Rheem a coils in the field...Sheet metal, solder, acid, 3/4" female copper adapter and about a 1/2 hour and it was gtg...

    Extreme example but I loved that thing...
    "If history repeats itself I am so getting a dinosaur"

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    I have a cheap Harbor freight brake, the really cheap one . and a version of the Hensler Bender that I made myself. Google the bender, it is pretty simple. I use them both a lot and have found the space they take up to be worth it. I have an install trailer with brake and pittsburgh machine for when I have a bigger install.

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