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    You're installing HVAC equipment without any formal training. That is dangerous. There are many potential hazards in a system and without the needed knowledge you're exposing yourself to these hazards. Or even worse - you may expose others.

    Don't DIY. It took many years for myself and others on this site to learn how to perform this job safety and efficiently. Some things are just not "do it yourself" projects. HVAC is one of these projects.

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    Hello, I am not doing it by myself. I am doing as much of it as possible by myself and then a licensed professional is going to come in and tie everything in. I am trying to get as much leg work done as possible to save on cost. Thanks

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    After you post the pics, we'll know more. But what you describe is a furnace killing set up.

    The model number of your furnace will be inside the panel that has the burners. post that also.
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    depending on the furnace size it may or may not work .if you look on the data tag for the trane condenser it has the orfice size . the problem is it is a 10 seer and with the smaller coil it could be less .you would be better off finding out what size you need and get a new matched unit thatis at least a 13 seer
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    Sounding more and more like a Trane wreck.
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