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    upgrading EBI from R310 to R410

    Be prepared for some rambling. We have a large facility running EBI R310 on Windows XP with a 10,000 point license, one server that also acts as the operator work station and a laptop to use as a remote station. We use it for HVAC only. We are upgrading to R410 with redundant servers. The contract to do the upgrade was signed months ago and it is supposed to be put in place in early January. Upper management didn't share details of the contract with us field guys. Just last week I asked the salesman for the vendor (motherwell) if they needed our remote station laptop to install the new software and was told that they didn't include the remote staion in the upgrade (salesman said he hadn't realize we had a remote station) and if we wanted to keep a remote station we would have to buy a new laptop because the R410 will be running Windows 7 and our current remote runs XP, and also we would have to pay them extra to set that up. Since we are already paying what seems to be an obscene amount of money for the upgrade I am a bit miffed at the fact that we are going to lose the fuctionality of a remote station unless we shell out more money. Also I realize that it is "shame on us" for not being fully informed.

    Questions: Can EBI R410 running on a windows 7 server have a remote station running XP?

    If you have upgraded to R410, how did it work out for you, pros and cons?

    Any general comments/insights will be appreciated.

    "What you need the most are the things you don't know about"

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    Yes, you can run Station R410 on an XP Pro 32 bit PC. Make sure you read and follow the upgrade procedure, it should go fine.

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