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    JCI ADS NAE not communicating after restore.

    I've got five NAEs that won't communicate with an ADS after installing a new server. I installed Server 2003 and SQL Express, running Metasys 4.1, then downloaded the database using SCT. There are 15+ NAE on the network, all but 5 are rock solid. The ones that are problems are bouncing on and offline because they are rebooting in a loop every eight minutes. If I physically disconnect them from the network, they complete a reboot and come up as operational when I log in directly. They run fine standalone. Any thoughts would be a Godsend.

    Thank you!

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    Do you what error it reboots at? 'Software Watchdog'

    Go into expert mode, and look under the Snapshot Focus tab. In there will be -> Last Restart Reason. Look to see what it says.

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    The NAE's need to be "rediscovered"
    Right click on the NAE and select remove from site
    Then refresh the page and the NAE will be brought back in and should be on line

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    I think the devices may have deeper issues than a re-discovery. Contact me after the christmas holiday. Well see what we can do.

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