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Thread: spark ignition

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    I am in a apprentice class where people in other semesters rig the furnaces not to work so we will have to figure out what is wrong with them, and I am really stuck on this one.

    I have a Honeywell Universal spark ignition module that doesn’t seem to be working right. When 24 volts is applied I instantly get 24 volts at everything both MV and PV and my gas valve dose not open and no spark. I cant seem to find any wiring diagrams or anything about a sequence of operation or anything on this thing and don’t really know where to start. I did not get to look at it very long and wont get to see it again until the end of the week but I would like to have a good Idea of how this thing works to test it rather than just say it is bad and replace it.

    The only thing I can say about this thing for sure is I defiantly have 24 volts applied to it and I get 24 volts out

    what I find odd is that I don’t get first a 24 volt signal to just MV but everywhere and the other thing that really kind of blows my mind is I don’t see any 24 volt common anywhere only a ground.

    Anyway as you can tell Im lost, I could ask my instructor and I am sure he would help, but I don’t have class again until the end of the week and I would like to go at least somewhat prepared.

    Can anyone help??

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    We cannot awnser your question in this forum, please apply for pro membership and we will awnser there.
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    This is a period where newbies are stuck between a rock and a hard place with asking specific technical questions.

    It is required that a new poster have at least 15 posts in the open forums before being able to apply for access to the Pro Technical forum. During that time, lets try to be as helpful as possible knowing that if we get too technical the thread will be moved to the Pro Tech forum.

    Bigjohn; post some more so you can apply for the pro-tech forum., and ye shall find;..
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