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    Just had a heat pump added to our propane furnace as a dual fuel setup. Works as expected until the outside temp goes below the switchover point. Until the outside temp gets back above that switchover point, the blower/fan runs nonstop. Outside unit is not running. The propane furnace is running intermittenly, I guess as needed, but the blower doesn't ever cut off.

    Is this normal or do we have a problem? Doesn't seem right to me, but I'm not the expert.

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    You have a setup issue. Call the installer.

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    check your air filter, make sure you have enough air going through the indoor unit. Is the system maintaining temperature? Fossil fuel add-on kits can be tricky to wire, but if it's a wiring problem it doesn't sound like it's a serious one. Who's the manufacturer? If this is the first season it should still be under warranty. Your contractor SHOULD have the info.
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