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"well guys, I could had been the CEO of a fortune five hundred but the job was never offered to me"

How do u figure ?
I was homeless 3.5 years ago nothing was offered to me. i got my a$$ in gear and made things happen now the partner in an HVACR-llc. You have to be proactive do good work ,talk to people, and be liakeable. I for one will not give my biz to a jack-ass, a drunk, a junkie, let alone hire one. This is the USA we live in u get what u put in.... if u dont put in u dont get. I also had to sort thru scumbag a/c contractors till i found the right fit. I got my DL back in April 9mo later biz partner i worked hard brought in jobs im still broke but that's coming to an end
you done great, now dont go binging again. Post you address and I'll mail you a cookie.