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    Tracer 100 Schedule

    I have an old tracer 100. I am trying to schedule a unit differently. This system was setup in 1996. My question is there are three existing schedules in the unit. How do you create a new one? I know how to get to the scheduling area, just not create anything.

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    Its been awhile but here goes.
    In its initial set-up.
    You had to tell the software how many objects are in the system. For example if you new that you only needed 3 schedules then you would tell the configuration that you had 3 schedules.
    If you new you were using 100 analog inputs then you would put down 100 as the amount of analog inputs.
    If you needed more then you had to update the existing database.
    It sounds like you were given 3 schedules and no spares.
    If you go into configuration menu, which is in the set-up menu, 8s5s, then you can change the amount of objects you need.
    You will be prompted to upgrade the system.
    When this occurs it will knock you off the site because it will be rebooting at this point.

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    I believe the path I told you about was not correct.
    In setup you have to aim towards the cassette tape menu and use the system expansion menu to upgrade your schedule numbers or anything else for that matter.
    Don't forget to turn off building control before you expand the system and then back on when your done

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    Thanks very much. I would have never found that. I added two additionals schedules (only needed one). And a timed over-ride that i didn't have before. Your second post was correct.

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