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    Contractor recomendation Southern Nova Scotia - Heat Pump

    A couple years ago we switched from a forced air electric furnace to a York Affinity 5T Heat Pump. Since installation I feel the system still needs tweaking and may have an issue with duct size. The install company did not do a load calculation before selecting the unit.

    Problems I'm noticing is uneven temperatures throughout the house, some registers have very weak output and others too strong. The system is devided into two zones with shared returns. At times when the the smaller zone is calling the system will pulse like it is unable to push enough air through the ducts. A bypass damper from the output to the return was installed last year but the problem persists unless it is almost wide open. System seems slow to bring up the temperature even a few degrees and seems to run for long durations.

    I would like to find a very knowledgeable contractor in the Southern Nova Scotia, Yarmouth area to come out and assess the system and advise areas of improvement.

    Please advise your recommendations.

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    Anyone with recomendations. I guess this may be more of a US forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by polymorph View Post
    Anyone with recomendations. I guess this may be more of a US forum.
    You tell us nothing about size and design of your home.

    Do you have zoning controls to independently control the temperature in each zone?

    What about number of returns for each zone?

    Just from a distance, it would seem you need a qualified dealer to survey and evaluate your ductwork system first.

    That would be my starting point.


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    I agree that I need a qualified tech to look at the system. The Dealer in my area is no longer in business and I have tried another company in the past and they admited they were not familiar with the system. I am hoping to be pointed towards someone in the area that knowledgeable so that the issues can be pointed out and resolved.

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