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    How many pieces of duct does it take?

    Bought an old house. None of the duct is sealed, so I'm spending time taking care of it. Found lots of bad work including these. The first photo I was scratching my head why someone taped what should be only a short piece of straight and a 90, but there was other weird tape around, and nothing to block out air from where the dovetails are.

    Second photo (hard to see my arrows) shows where I scraped off enough tape to show there are actually 4 pieces of duct to get air from the end cap to the bottom of the duct on the left side of the photo.
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    get a bucket of airseal and a brush ,the scrim tape they used is junk it is only good on duct wrap also it looks like they used start collars at the boxes then piped between the
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    For a small job like that I like to use Hardcast foil-grip 1402 tape. It seals nice and looks good.
    I used a little PFM to fix it.

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