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    I have a Trane XL14i HP system. The installers used a Total line wirless thermostat with the install. One receiver is on the indoor and another on the outdoor unit. When the system runs a cycle, the outdoor unit continues to run for about two minutes after the indoor unit cycles off.
    1. Is this normal?
    2. Is this common among wireless tstats?
    3. Should I get a hard wire thermost?

    Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    never heard of a receiver outside?.....and no,it is not normal for the outdoor unit to run after the blower has timed out......have them come back,and check it all out....wireless t-stats are used,when it is impossible to use existing low voltage wiring,or re-run new wiring,was this your case?.....good luck

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    yes, in my case it was the low voltage wiring.

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