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    Please help. Why am I having to replace my 4th hot surface ignitor in 2 years on my Carrier 58PAV155-20 furnace?
    My heat is out again this year. After dealing with this over the last 2 years my guess is it is the HSI again. This was replaced 11/04, 12/04, 2/06 and now 11/06. Surely there are beeter ignitors out there than this one 41-403. Can anyone help?
    Can this be replaced easily myself?
    How can I find a better quality ignitor?
    I have been in the house 9 years and it is only the last 2 that I have had issues.

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    I doubt the problem is the ignitors themselves.
    Furnace cycle a lot?
    Tech put his hands all over it putting it in?
    Lots of dust/lint in the air?
    Furnace have trouble lighting off?
    Condensation dripping on the ignitor?

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    Are they geniune Carrier ignitors being used? Where is the furance? If we find a short life from an ignitor, it is probably not the OEM part being used and also likely in a laundry room with fumes and lint.

    Just noticed you put a Robertshaw part # 41-403. Get that junk out of there. Insist on a factory LH33ZS004 only.

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    Tell your contractor that you want the silicone nitride upgrade kit installed. Carrier just released the kit for use on that furnace last month.

    If that contractor can't provide it, keep calling Carrier dealers.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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    Usually if someone is having issues with non OEM ignitors failing it is because someone keeps putting 17 second warmup ignitors in an application where the ignition control has a 34 second warmup cycle, so the ignitor is overheating every ignition cycle.
    Other than the warmup time the ignitor is for, the mounting, and plug style, there isn't really a difference between the flat style carbide ignitors.

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