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    Are you sure you checked the pump?

    This is more plumbing and electrical but ...

    One of my techs call with a problem that went like this.
    (1 year of schooling, 2 years in the field, according to him he knows everything)

    Tech: I am over here doing the PM and they are telling me the water heater isn't working.
    Me: Okay, what is the problem they are having?
    Tech: They have no hot water.
    Me: And what have you done?
    Tech: I checked for alarms and I am not getting any. I checked the pilot light. It is on. I checked to make sure it is heating the water it is. I checked the pump and it is working. I think there is leak somewhere and the water isn't making it to the bathrooms.
    Me: is the water heater constantly heating?
    Tech: No.
    Me: Is there a big puddle of steaming water in the building somewhere?
    Tech: No.
    Me: Then it is not a leak. Are you sure you checked the water pump correctly? You are positive it is flowing water.
    Tech: Yes.
    Me: Okay I will be there in an hour. Until then keep working on the PM.

    Needless to say, he didn't like the conversation we had 30 minutes after I got there.

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    it must have happened while you were traveling
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    ouch. a lesson well learned...

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    A quick funny', I was brand new at a site, and I chirped’ up about getting on a little 2horse pump that was terrible rattling and buzzing. They guy goes (in so many words ‘Well that’s interesting ...‘cause it’s been doing that just fine for years now..

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    Maybe happened after your guys had the conversation. I can still see smoke coming out it.

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