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    Electrical hazard?

    Went on a no cool the other day, yes we are still running no cools! And moved the electrical out of the way to remove one of the panel screws and felt a little tingle. Seems one of the larger company's here installed this and decided to leave it like this. You might know of this company, Service Experts! The compressor was out on internal overload, told the client he had himself a mess and he wanted to call them back out for them to fix it, he said it did pass inspection?? Just thought I would share these pics with you.Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1355660735.493813.jpg
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    Some kind of TTW condenser?

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    Yes,, we have a few of those here in condo's

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    inspection? who is doing the inspection?

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    I haven't heard of that company but I'm sure they have more than one person doing hook ups. They need to have a QC person follow up their installers. I've seen garbage like that here in my area that also passed inspection. When you consider the amount of line voltage it takes to stop a heart, this stuff scares me to death!

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    Looks like the inspection was done from the inspectors office. Pathetic someone would put their name on that work and accept liability for it.

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