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    Need parts for Consolidated Industries Quatro Style Furnace.

    Good Evening members,

    Recently the heater in my house stopped working properly and after inspecting it i found that the burner on my Quatro style furnace needed to be replaced. I attempted to find replacement parts for my Consolidated Industries furnace and was unable to find any parts. would someone be able to point me in the right direction so that i can fix my furnace. Thank you.

    The furnace is model MBA 080NH4RX. Once again, thank you in advance.

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    Are you a service tech?
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    Quote Originally Posted by NY2GA01 View Post
    Are you a service tech?
    No, I'm not a service tech. I'm just a handyman that knows how to fix many things.

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    Sorry, this isn't a DIY site.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by phoenix559 View Post
    No, I'm not a service tech. I'm just a handyman that knows how to fix many things.
    Your local service company could sell you the parts, and they usually install them for you also.
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    tyvm for the tip hvacvegas. i will check with them and see if they have the parts i need.

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