Carrier 59MN7100-22 heater with an Infinity thermostat

The heat settings are, All Zones, All Days...

WAKE 7:00A 72
DAY 10:00A 72
SLEEP 11:00P 60

In short I want the temp to be 72 from 7:00A to 11:00P and 60 from 11:00P to 7:00A.

At 11:00P the smaller desired temperature goes to 60 as programmed and the larger room temperature starts cooling off. The problem is that in the AM the furnace starts long before the programmed WAKE time. At 5:30A today for instance both the desired and room temps were at 67... and there is no 67 anywhere in the set-up.

The heating guy said the thermostat needs to "learn" how to set the heat but I don't see anything about "learn" in the instructions. Is this thermostat faulty?