I sure do love these things and so do homeowners. In this house we replaced a 50 gallon hydronic water heater that supplied two hydronic air handlers, one for the main home and one for a seperate "carriage house" above the garage that was a rental.
The hydronic system was done very poorly and somehow the air handler was installed at the time of a new roof so there was no way to put a new furnace or even a hydronic air handler in without cutting a truss and lots of ceiling, since the neighbor recently had a Daikin system installed by us the homeowner was open to the idea of a ductless system. We installed a GE15 for the main living area and a GE12 for the master with a GE06 for their kids room off a Mitsubishi MXZ-3B30NA for the carriage house we installed an MUZ/MSZ-GE15NA system. So far the homeowner has had the system in since august and loves it, their heating bills are half of what they used to be, gas is down almost $200 and electric is only up about $100 and they are much more comfortable with a quieter system.


Let me know what you think.