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    Large Fan powered Humidifier Issues

    The Humidifier is A Carrier Large Fan Powered or an Aprilaire 700.

    Has anyone had any problems with Aprilaire Humidifers having to much water supplied to the distribution tray? I replaced the orifice with the OEM part located after the solenoid valve in the feed tube. After, I still had too much water being supplied. The only other cause i could determine is that of the water pressure being very high I did not have a tool to check the house water pressure. Has anyone encountered such an issue?

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    I have seen too much water making it through even with the proper orifice installed. Usually at that point I close the valve some and adjust it by eye. It's definitely not scientific but I haven't had any complaints....yet.

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    what do you mean by too much?, is it overflowing the tray?
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