In a week or so I have to program a XL15C for a rotating lead lag sequence for the pumps. I also have to set up a cooling tower staging control loop, and a boiler control loop. One of our Honeywell vendors gave me some example lead lag control loops for pumps. One of them has some logic loops, control loops, and math functions for a counter. I am assuming that this logic will rotate the pumps after a certain amount of time. The program he sent me was for a boiler system. So they created a control loop to enable the pumps below 60 degrees OAT. The output of this control loop is referenced in all of the logic loops for the pumps and counters. Being that my system was a cooling tower system. I was wanting pumps to run all of the time. If I deleted the pump control loop output from the logic. I am wondering if everything logic wise with the rotating lead lag would still work right?

I was also wondering if someone could explain how the whole integration time works on these control loops. What does increasing it do? What is this time based on? How can I know where to set this? Is there some type of formula that can be used to calculate this?

I have a copy of the program I was given if anyone wants to see it.