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Let me expand on my comments, then.

First, all medical disciplines have advanced since then. That's just the increase of knowledge and expertise.

Second, suppose your aunt didn't have a nervous breakdown, and instead, developed a psychosis where she heard voices telling her to kill her family? What result might that have had if she remained free to roam around?

Is there a price to society for taking in sick people and keeping them form harming themselves and others? Sure. That's what the ACLU lawsuit was about.

BUT, that price is preferable to the Columbines, Shopping Mall, and School shootings that we have seen.

I feel for your aunt, and today, she would have been taken in, treated, and very likely, released.

Today's kids with Asperger's are getting treatment, for the most part. From what I know about it, kids with Asperger's don't do things like this, so he may have had multiple personality disorders, along with a psychosis.
Let's not assume what my aunt may or may not have done.

My grandmother told me of a story when her first daughter, my other aunt that is mentally handicapped and has been in a home most of her entire life.
When my aunt was a baby, my grandmother heard voices that told her to jump out the window with her child. She resisted. And today we are all here because she didn't listen. My grandmother is not and has never been ill.