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    Possibly abused / neglected / damaged system?

    Hello all,
    This unit has been maintained with regular air filter replacement for the past 2 years. As I do not have *much* knowledge concerning hvac, does this unit look severely water damaged? It looks disgusting to me, and possibly a big air quality issue going on. This is the first time I have opened the unit completely as I am used to just changing the filters. The unit does heat and cool fine, although it takes a while to cool down temps at times. I would like an expert opinion on this unit just by what you see here. I am not as much concerned a lot with the functioning of the unit, because as I said.. it does work, but if running a unit like this can be dangerous?
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    looks like there are heavy smokers in the home to me. That all could be cleaners with evaporator coil cleaner. Simple Green would be a good start with a tooth brush.
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    Are you the tenant? It just needs a good coil cleaning other than that it is probably in the 35 to 40 yr range, but your landlord won't change it until its dead.

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    just looks like it needs a good cleaning.
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    Doesn't look bad at all. You shoulda seen the one I cleaned today

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    Call a local HVAC contractor. Tell them you would like your system given a "Preventative Maintenance."

    With this, you will receive a complete system cleaning top to bottom and evaluation by a qualified service technician This is relatively inexpensive and will help extend the life of your system.

    Your system needs it!

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