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    Hmm Taylor 632 Motor tripping issue

    Hi folks, Helping a friend with a Taylor 632 on the left shake side of machine. Keeps tripping overload because product getting to thick. Tried adjusting viscosity thickness all the way down and it worked fine for two hours and then got thick and tripped. Blades good, liquid product correct and has always been ok in past. With winter upon us in the Northwest, amb temp in room is sometimes as low as 55. Could this be an issue? Also want to double check dip switch settings on controller. Right now 1 - 8 are all ON except #5 (Fan 2) is off. The Mix-dif-shunt is jumped to the 4.5 setting. I think the controller is bad but just wondering if dip swich settings have anything to do with how long compressor and beater motor stay on after a product pull. Saw a simular post in here by Ash and it seams I have the same issue. Any help appreciated. I've worked on many Duke Electrofreezes, but these Taylors seem to be a completely different breed.

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    After reading Sticky's recent post, I realized I didn't give much info about myself, and I'm going to include more info about the Taylor 632-27 I'm working on. I'm 50 years old and have spent the last 10 years working on refrigeration equipment mostly in restaurants and institutions. I'm factory trained with True, Bev Air, Manitowoc, been to UR's Emerson class. Many years ago Trane Advanced AC Elect. Troubleshooting and Honeywell controls training. Went to Tech School at Laney College in Oakland CA for 2 years in 88 & 89. Another words, I'm not a DIY'er. Previous to my last 10 years of work, I was a Engineer for a large hotel chain maintaining and repairing HVACR and commercial kitchen equipment. Now, back to my Taylor issue...After the last freeze up I cleaned out the machine to fully inspect the barrel, auger, scraper blades, and seal. All in great shape. Opened the back and inspected the gear box and coupler. Both OK, set screws tight. I haven't put gauges on it because it doesn't appear to be refrigerant of pressure issue. I'm a firm believer in breaking into system only when essential for diagnostic purpose. Since this is the shake side of machine it has the smaller motor and single belt pulley to gearbox set up. Belt is snug with 1/2 inch deflection. Motor was replaced 6 months ago,direction checked and is correct. Amp draw on motor leads start around 2.5 and work its way up past the 4.6 rating of the motor and eventually trips the overloads at around 7. OL dial was set at 6. From the posts I've read about this machine, it appears the soft tech controller measures the amp draw of the beater motor, as product gets thicker and and the motor draws more amps, the controller shuts off beater and compressor. Here is a better description of the dip switch settings (1)Comp 5-on (2)Comp 10-on (3)BTR 5-on (4)BTR 10-on (5) Fan2-off (6) STBY DIS-on (7) Interval- on (8) Interval-on Note: for 7 & 8 On-On=5, ON-OFF=11, OFF-ON=14, OFF-OFF=16. The other option for the mix-diff-shunt switch was 13. I believe this is set for 4.5 for shake side smaller motor and jumped out to 13 if the controller is for soft serve side with larger motor. Any input about these did switch settings would be appreciated. Everything is leaning toward a bad controller but a second opinion would be nice.

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    im not familiar w/ that model but I have worked on other taylor models does that unit have a proximity sensor and the check that your torque coupling doesnt have broken springs. if they are broken even one of the three it will keep the unit running and could cause you to keep running to the point that you trip on OL

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