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    GSHP compressor start capcitor replacement using to parallel capacitors

    Tech is called out to the house because of the GSHP not providing heat. Tech immediately determines that compressor start cap is blown and needs to be replaced BUT the original cap has a value of 60mfd and he only has two 30mfd caps on his truck. Not a problem as he connects the two 30mfd caps in parallel to get to the original 60mfd value needed for the compressor. Once connected the GSHP is back up and running. So with the parallel cap configuration, what happens if one of the caps fails (most likely fails open) and that leaves only 30mfd for the compressor to start? How does this effect the long term reliability of the compressor? Are you better off going back after you have the GSHP unit running and replace the two caps with the original single 60mfd cap?




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    I've left two caps in parallel on many units with no problems. Two caps have better heat dissipation than one. As long as you haven't had repeated capacitor failures I'd leave it.

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    It would be no different than having one and it becoming weak or bad. I think that the high dollar turbo caps work the same way, just in a single shell. I have left them with no issues.

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    Nothing wrong with it, you could always pay extra for travel time and labor for him to go and fetch an OEM part. Of course it all comes down to money.

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