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    Water Leaks Coming from Ductwork?

    I just joined the site yesterday and posted about issues I had been having with smells coming from my furnace in my new home. This morning I woke up and went downstairs to find puddles of water in the basement. After searching for a bit I realized the water was coming from the ductwork that connects right into the furnace. It was a pretty significant amount of water. I called the contractor for our home and he told me to call the heating/cooling installer. Called the heating/cooling installer who said "it must be the cold air return meeting with the warmer air and causing condensation" he said we need to close off the cold air return at least part way and that would fix it. He also said they wouldn't be able to come look at the problem because they are based too far from here (1 hour and 5 minutes). He told me I could change the return air setting just as well as he could. I was obviously less than thrilled with this response.

    I changed the return air setting, but I don't think that is the only problem. This is a large amount of water and it actually happened once before when it wasn't even cold (when I assume there shouldn't be as much condensation). I have a different heating/cooling company coming out tomorrow, but I wanted to check with you guys to see if you have any ideas. What could be causing a significant amount of water coming from the ductwork that directly connects to the furnace unit in the basement? Could that also be tied to the smell (dusty, and damp smell) coming from all the registers in our home?

    I don't know much at all about HVAC, so I wanted to get some insight from people who know more. Thanks for the thoughts in advance!

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    There should not be any significant water unless there is something wrong.
    Drain line , humidifier.....

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    ... do you have a ventless propane heater in the basement?
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    any insulation on the ductwork?

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    Had the experts come today and check it out.. turns out it wasn't a heating/cooling issue (I'm glad) it was the bath overflow in the bathroom (the plumbing line wasn't connected properly).. very strange and tough to figure out.. took a while. When the bath overflow took in water it went directly into basement and ran down the side of the ductwork (stayed on the outside). Having a plumber come Monday to connect the line properly. Wouldn't have guessed that, but glad it wasn't worse.

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