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    Question Humidifier faking out heat anticipator causes furnace to short cycle

    I have a friend who asked me to look at his furnace because the humidifier wasn't working, when I went there it was unwired. It's an old furnace with the stat terminals on the transformer, so i hooked the humidifier up in between the w and c terminals, it worked fine but caused the furnace to short cycle. I'm sure it's the heat anticipator, is putting a digital t-stat the solution for this problem or do i need to do anything else to fix the problem?

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    Why not take an amp draw reading between r and w and set the heat anticipator accordingly.

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    Hum should not be hooked to W. You could take an amp draw with the hum on and set the anticipator and then when the humidifier is off, the amp draw will be totally different. Hook the humidifier up properly If the furnace doesn't have a board with HUM or EAC terminals, get a current sensing relay.

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