Here is our second installation of a WaterFurnace 7 Series which can modulate its compressor from 20-130% of rated capacity. This system is a 3 ton with desuperheater that is connected to a TPCC32U01 communicating thermostat with energy monitoring and replaced a WaterFurnace Premier 2 unit that had a bad compressor. The unit has a variable speed grundfos flow center that adjusts water flow based on the 12 compressor stages of heating and 12 compressor stages of cooling. The unit is as quiet as a ductless minisplit inside the mechanical room. Up to a 5.3 COP and 41 EER rated at 50% of capacity, even at stage 10 of 12(roughly 80% of capacity) the unit takes 2200 watts to operate the flow center, blower and compressor to heat the 3000 sq foot home this was installed in. We also upgraded the filter to a Honeywell F100 MERV 11 media filter and to help the loop pressure we added a loop expansion tank.

Let me know what you think or if you have any questions.