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    Trouble shooting with manometer

    Looking into getting a manometer. What brand do y'all use? Also do you use it at times to trouble shoot duct work. I see you use them a lot with furnaces, but I live in Miami and rarely see one I'm reffering to a dx system.

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    fieldpiece-2 port
    use on gas a lot, usually use on new start ups for duct to get a base line
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    I like the magnahilic. I dont like the digital

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    testo, use it on gas pressure, vent pressure, and duct pressure. I use a retrotec DM2 for house pressure and other stuff to do with building science

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    I use a Dwyer magnehilic for checking duct Static pressure, TESP and pressure drop of duct fittings, air filters and evap coils.. I also have static pressure tips with magnets - Magnehelic - Static tips

    I like Testo's 510 Digital Differential manometer for gas pressure, draft and and all other uses for pressure testing (except duct). I also have a fieldpiece Digital Dif. manometer but prefer my Testo because i trust the readings but thats just me.

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