Customer called and wants to clean their buffalo chopper.I stopped in to look and the handle that opens it will not move. Opened from underneath and really can't see anything other than how the on/off knob prevents the thing from being opened while it's running. Looks like the handle on top turns the shaft underneath that has a hole in it and when you tun it on the on/ off knob has a linkage that activates the toggle switch and also slides a linkage rod through the hole in the shaft preventing you from turning the knob on top to open it.

Hobart isn't much help other than to tell me if the customer wants them to come out it's 111 trip charge and 95 per hour just to tell them what's wrong.

Even if Hobart looked at it they'd have to get it open somehow in order to know what is broke or worn in order to repair it right?

I'm thinking about wrenching the knob to get it open. From a youtube video I watched it looks like 1/4 turn CW to lock it down and CCW to unlock it.

Any other ideas out there?